ppooll is written in Cycling 74's Max and requires it to run.

you can download the latest version of Max here.

ppooll also has dependencies upon the following Max packages, which you must install via the package manager:

• CNMAT externals

• cv.jit

• ICST ambisonics

• jasch objects

• karma

• lowkeyNW

• PeRColate
latest (v.8.6, macOS / Windows)
extract & place in ~/Users/Documents/Max 8/Packages
how do i install ppooll?

follow the link above to the github page. click on "ppooll.zip" underneath assets to download ppooll. from wherever you saved the .zip file, extract the folder, navigate to ~/Users/Documents/Max 8/Packages, and drag-and-drop the ppooll folder.

Note: your install of Max 8 may be located elsewhere, but after finding it, the instructions remain the same.

we strongly recommend reading the quickstart guide and joining the discord server, where the community shares custom patches and can help to answer any questions you may have.


for legacy systems only.

ppooll v.8.2 (Max/MSP 8)
ppooll v.8.0 (Max/MSP 8)
ppooll v.2.7 (Max/MSP 6)
ppooll 1.9.7 (Max/MSP 5)
lloopp v.1.6 (Max/MSP 4, Mac only)