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A simple synthesizer, based on the idea of producing single oscillations once in a while.

The green controls:

The whole thing is driven by a cycle controlled by the top (green) slider, which defines the cycle time in seconds.

This time is divided in parts that are set with the green number-boxes labeled "div".

For instance, the setting time "1" div "1-0" will give you 1 event per second.

Time 1, div 1-50 will give 2 events per second, read 1-50, as 1.5, so the first event will come after 1 part, the second 0.5 parts later.

The setting div: 3-20 for instance will give 4 events at 3 equal parts of a second, and the 4th at 0.2 times the other parts- well- just try!

The rest of the user interfaces defines the type of the event that will happen.

Red slider defines the frequency.

Red number boxes the amount of cycles. Read cycles "1-30" as 1.3 like for the div boxes.

Menu at the right gives the basic waveform for the oscillation, that can also be mouse-manipulated and saved with presets.

The 2 sliders below the oscilloscope control a slope for the upwards (left) and downwards (right) oscillation (works a bit like lowpass filtering).

The white number between red numbers-boxes and waveform display gives you the amount of cycles that can fit between 2 events (defined by basic cycle, frequency and division)

Have fun!