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Tetris provides customization of an act (act-layout).

So you can build your own layout on a chosen act, that means arranging, sizing the user-interfaces and hide unused ones.

Let's open the tetris inside from the ho_st1 Act. This opens up a window to customize the layout of the act:

Ho st tetris.jpg

Special Note

Remember that, the tetris window is included in every Acts' menu to customize the layout of an act. Now we are looking into the tetris window through the ho_st main menu...

Tetris main.jpg

(1) Tetris.jpg

When you press on tetris with right click of the mouse, the menu will pop up:

Tetris menu.jpg


Like in the ho_st menu, the info here introduces and explains you itself about how it works:

Tetris info.jpg


Like in the ho_st menu, This adds the title-bar to the window:

Tetris titlebar.jpg


This closes the tetris:

Tetris close.jpg


This part is for programmers to dig into the guts of the ppooll:

Tetris subpatch.jpg

If you would like to dig into the guts of the ppooll, you should check out the MaxMSP/Jitter program which ppooll is based on:

Tetris subpatch query.jpg

(2) Tetris notitles.jpg

This bluish menu on top lets you filter the list of user-interfaces just for better overview:


all is for all user-interfaces:

Tetris notitles all.jpg

When we choose "all" from the bluish menu on top, The (11) Tetris11.jpg and the (4) Tetris4.jpg become multiple-choices:

Tetris notitles all main.jpg

In the (11) Tetris11.jpg, there are two options: -no- and ho_st1. (Remember that, we only opened the ho_st main patch so far, so if we open another act -for example, a flop Act-, it is shown in this menu-list too besides -no- and ho_st1):

Tetris11 a.jpg


-no- means that no act is selected to customize the layout:



When we choose the "ho_st1" from the menu-list, it means that we will customize the "ho_st1" main-act's layout:

Tetris notitle ho st1.jpg

Now, it is ready for you to customize the layout via using the (4) Tetris4.jpg box:

Tetris all window.jpg

As you can see, there are a lot of options to customize the layout:

Tetris ho st menu.jpg

Let's choose window (Window.jpg) from the menu-list:

Tetris window.jpg

As we choose it, the below "hide-location-size" numberboxes let us customize the layout when we change the numerical inputs in them:

Hide location size.jpg

(14) The hide button ( Hide off.jpg Hide on.jpg ) shows and hides the layout.

(13) and (10) The location numberboxes ( Location.jpg ) move the layout vertically and horizontally. The first numberbox (13) is for horizontally and the second numberbox (10) is for vertically changes.

(3) The size numberboxes ( Size.jpg ) expand and narrow the layout. The first numberbox (9) is for horizontally expands or narrows the layout. The second numberbox is (8) for vertically expands or narrows the layout.

So, you can change any layout in anyway with Tetris.

Special Note

There is a little tip that I am going to give you which makes any customization of your layouts a little bit more friendly:

Let's say that you choose jit.on from the menu-list:

Tetris jiton.jpg

As you select the jit.on, the jit.on button in the ho_st1 ( Blinks.jpg ) blinks once - telling you that you are about to customize it.

So, when you customize any act's layout, you will know what you are customizing by seeing the blinking first.