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Plays all kinds of sound-files.

Load files (like in hardplay) with top menus:

Either select folder with the light blue menu on top and select files with the dark blue menu below or open the file directly with the "read" button.

General controls:

"->" plays always from "start"-point

"res" (resume) always plays from "position" point.

"|||" stops the playback.

Edit loop with "start" and "end" either by dragging the digits in start and end boxes or with using the selection-slider below: click inside and drag up-down for length and right-left for right - left drag only one border (start or end) by shift-clicking + dragging. keep length of the selection by alt-clicking.

Scrub the file with the position slider (below the selection-slider)

Drag the position-box-digits: new position will be played on mouse-up.

Below the "tone"-box you find a very basic EQ:

left side is bass +/-

right side is treble +/-

clicking "tone" box resets the EQ to flat.

Below the tone control is the "pan" slider.

Yellow box and slider is speed-control. The "1" on top resets to normal playback-speed. The magenta slider is for volume.