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Ho st.jpg


ho_st is the basic patch of ppooll.

The fantastic adventure of ppooll starts with the ho_st.

All other patches have to be loaded via the menus here.

ho_st provides the main audio-out and a special subpatch for masterplugs.

Ho st diagram.jpg

The first thing you should know is that a ppooll-module (patch) is called "Act".

Now, let's break the ho_st into pieces in order to grasp it perfectly.

Ho st table.jpg

As in all other acts, there is a box top left of the window with two main functions:

-click and drag in the left part of the label will move the window.

-clicking in the right side will open up a menu.

This is the "title-menu" which has the following entries in ho_st:

Ho st menu.jpg


This is the info section which all Acts also have it to introduce you themselves.

Before this manual, this was the only place where you could get some information about the Acts. Still, most of them have comprehensive information but some of them with no information at all. It is a good idea after you open the ppooll and before you fool around, have a sneak at this section. It really helps. ;)

Ho st info.jpg


This opens up a window to view all parameters of this act:

Ho st clientwindow main.jpg

In this window, the checkboxes represent the functions of the act on and off. If you press the ON button in the ho_st1, you see the audioON/OFF changes from 0 to 1 (means it is on and working) in the Data Section of the Client Objects [pat] window (clientwindow):

Ho st clientobjects.jpg


This adds the title-bar to the window. (It is useful most of the time to move the window around.)

Ho st titlebar.jpg

ho_st without the titlebar:

File:Ho st without the titlebar.jpg

ho_st with the titlebar:

File:Ho st with the titlebar.jpg


This adds the title-bar to all ppooll-windows:

Ho st all titlebars.jpg


This opens up the window for setting all audio-driver options:

File:Ho st dsp.jpg

In this window, you can choose your primary soundcard and other settings:

File:Ho st dsp window.jpg