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Nintendo Wii Remote Handler.

Based on aka.wiiremote by Masayuki Akamatsu. Special thanks to WiiLi.org and "DarwiinRemote" by Hiroaki Kimura.

0) Setup (Pairing) Wii Remote for use with your computer using "Bluetooth Setup Assistant."

1) Push "Sync" button of WiiRemote. LEDs will start blinking.

2) Click "connect". LEDs will stop blinking when it's connected.

3) Click "ON".

4) Open a control@ act and select this control@ with the menu in the first line. Do all the routing in the control@ routing window.

Multiple Wiis:

The menu in the second line provides connecting to multiple wiis with multiple wii@s:

Once you are connected to a wii with the procedure above, you can get its hardware-address with choosing "add_new(get)". The address will be stored in this menu.

Disconnect the wii (best with holding the power-button on the wii until the motion stops). Then you can select an address and click connect. wii@ will connect to the specified wii only.

To connect to a new (not listed) wii you need to choose "any" in this menu.

The list will be stored automatically in lloopp_presets hence will be displayed in every wii@ from now on.

other parameters:

~bat: Get the battery-status printed in the max-window.

~vib: Make the wii vibrate, and control it's lights. If this is not working try to reconnect (several times...). The number box next to "vib" is for smoothing the envelope-output.

~IR: turn on infrared.

~exp: turn on expansion (nanchuk or classic)

~nan: open the nanchuk window (includes IR)

~cla: open the classic window.