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patches, files or updates, which are not yet inside the current ppooll package.
current version is ppooll_vers8.2
SinsE act updated (issue on loading: best to open siinsE with audio ON, otherwise move vols and freqs once and turn the master [e] on/off)
unzip and replace in: /ppooll/patchers/ppooll.acts/

ll.mc.def outputs
bugfix for multichannel acts with "def" (define outputs) (last changes: march 9th, 2021)
unzip and replace in: /ppooll/patchers/abstractions/filip/
INmulti act updated with open input-mapping.(latest bugfree version:13.jan 2021)
unzip and replace in: /ppooll/patchers/ppooll.acts/
a multifunction synthesizer designed by rob hordijk, ported to ppooll by Gustavo N.
unzip and
put benjolino.maxpat into: /ppooll/patchers/ppooll.acts/
put benjolino.maxhelp into: /ppooll/help/act_infos/
Ll number.mxe64
ll_number for windows10
unzip and replace in: /ppooll/externals/filip/