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A sinus-wave generator with envelope.

The main frequency is the pinkish box in the top right corner.

The first line offers special features and is maybe very seldom used but quite nice:

The third number box is a base-frequency, 440hz by default.

The second number is the amount of steps in an octave. 12 defaults to semitones.

The first number then is a relative frequency depending on the two values after.

If using default settings, you can play a simple semitone-scale...

"<<" by pressing on this the current frequency will be put as new base-frequency.

"..." with this tiny menu, you can define which parameter triggers the envelope.

The volume slider is located on the left side of the envelope screen. You may set the range of the volume-slider via pressing in the white space above it.


Turn envelope on by pressing "env". If using the default settings, the sound will stop unless you press the button "T" right to it, which triggers the envelope. The "loop" key loops the envelope.

You can draw you envelope in the envelope screen. Holding the shift key deletes points.

To the right of the envelope screen you can set the envelope length in milliseconds.