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a simple signal operator.

the top row is for setting the left and right operand. in between those you can choose the possible operations (*,+,-,/,>,<)

in the second row you can turn clipping on/off with the toggle, then set the minimum and maximum clip in the number boxes.

in the third row you can turn smoothing on/off, smooth time up (samples), smooth time down (samples). both the second and third row are for speaker damage perseverance. :-)

the yellow number box right to the smoothing is the operation results (signal).

underneath the oscilloscope you have signal to number conversion. turn it on with the toggle, set the low scale value (base -1), hight scale value (base 1) and the results will show in the yellow number box.

in the bottom row you can set the number report interval (min 20 ms) and your send destination.