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Adaptive gate.

avg-interv: "average interval" sets the time (in ms) from which the average-level is measured.

att: "attack" opening time (in ms), please note that the incoming signal is delayed by the same amount of time.

Decay: time (ms) for shutting the gate after a detached peak.

Thresh: shifting (ms) for shutting the gate after a detected peak.

Gain: multiplier for the enveloping curve.

It's calculated like this: (thresh/100)+1, meaning: 0 doesn't shift, 100 shifts by the factor of 2.

mono: operating mode switch..

mono: both channels are summed, the curve is applied to the signal itself.

l-->r: the curve is taken only from the left channel and applied to the right channel (in this case the right channel is not delayed).

left level meter: left input signal

oscillator: gating curve.

right level meter: output signal