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play a bank of sinus-tones.

"0" ~ set all spectral weights to zero.

"size" ~ amount of sine-waves (default = 20)

the "spectral_weights" multislider sets the amplitude for the partial tones of the spectrum.

The white slide directly below the "spectral_weights" window is a display of the spectral distribution, and the frequency of the highest partial (hz).

Both is a result of the controls below:


"%" mode: range 100, scale 0: gives natural harmonics (default).

"+" mode: range in distance in HZ between the frequencies at scale 0.

if the menu is set to: "freq_smooth" the slider on the right works as a ramp on changing spectral frequencies. If it's set to: "noise" the slider sets the noise amount.

the keyboard drives the base-frequency. You can offset the keyboard with "low-key". View and change the base-frequency by Hx in the big number/slider.

"FREQS" ~ this button will launch an extra window which gives you detailed control over the frequencies of the partials.

The ramp of the out-put section will also apply on changes of the spectral weights, and only if oscbanks is in "noise" mode also to changes of the partial-frequencies.