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multifunctional 8-tap delay with reverb.

Basic delay parameters:

most left: maximum loop length defines buffer length in RAM.

"clear" resets the buffer (useful in case of overload).

"delay-time" sets the time for the tap that is set mostly right in the tap-display.

"ramp" provides a ramp-time for all changes to the delay tap's or "delay time", also for random manipulation (see below).

"freeze" freezes the delay loop (no input will be recorded).

Distribution provides an equal distribution of the 8 taps when clicking "0", the slider sets the taps to logarithmic distributions.

You can choose two randomization modes (for the delay-taps) from the "random" menu:

step: changes the position of each single tap in an adjustable (chosen with "range") area around the current position.

full: set's each tap to a new place within the display.

in between the random-menu and the range-slider there isa clock that set's the interval for the changes (in ms).

the large black window displays the current distribution of the single taps (left-right=delay-time), and their volume (up-down), there pan positions (red=left, green=right) and the lp-filter (0 is closed, 99 is open).

you can also click to each single tap and drag it, or press the "alt"-key and change the pan-position (left-right) and the filter (up-down).

an alternate way of editing:

choose the parameter you want to edit from the menu. edit the selected parameter for all taps. you may need to renumber the taps (from left to right) before doing so with "sort".

Mod section allows to make chorus-flanger like effects on the delay signal. It only works if both values are different from zero.

mix-and output:

"d-fb" (red slider) delay-feedback.

level-meter below this slider shows delay-output.

"r-fb" (yellow slider) reverb to delay input feedback.

level-meter below this slider shows reverb-output.

"d-mix" (green slider) delay-mix.

"vol" (purple slider) output-volume.

Reverb section is explained in freeverb@