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Maps your computer-keyboard to ppooll.

Press any letter key, the letter will be shown top left.

Then choose a style, how to change a parameter with that key: Choose an act and the parameter that should be affected.

The "style" menu has the following options:

~move: the parameter will be increased (decreased) by the value defined at "incdec" as long as you hold the keyu.

~fix: define a value that the parameter should jump to by pressing the key. Optionally you may define a ramp-time (ms).

~cycle: each time you press the key, the parameter will increase by 1 within the limits defined by min and max.

~toggle: define two values, that should be sent alternatively, each stroke. ramp optionally.

~togup: same as toggle but 2nd value is send on key up.

~rand: the parameter will randomly jump, within the range of min-max. putting i/f to 0 will produce integers, any other value of i/f will make floats.

~type: holding down the letter-key and typing a value with numbers (and point for floats) will set the value.

~bang!: will send a bang

~none: is like switching off.

If you select new in the list, you may define more settings to the same key. Double-clicking in a line will delete it again.

To view all key-settings, there are two options:

"print" will print out all settings into the max-window.

"open" will open a text-file, where all these settings are currently stored. You may do some editing there but be aware, that hte syntax here is very important and any mistakes will lead to loss of data. Changes will take effect after closing and saving the window.

Switch to "don't show" to avoid "graphic" updating of the list during playing.

Save the settings as preset in the usual way. That is, select write in the menu.