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plays sound-files from your hard-disc or CD without loading into RAM.

the 2 menus on top mirror the top menus in buffer_host. if you defined folders for sound-files in buff_host, they will appear here as well. if you select a sound-file in the 2nd menu, it is ready to be played.

"OPEN"- if you want to open another sound-file. "PRINT"- will provide you with some information in the max window.


play, stop, pause, resume, should be rather clear.

speed is the overall-playback speed, the small yellow fader below speed-box is for the ramp-time on speed changing (0-20 sec.)

the magenta fader and box are for output volume. fade provides a vol-ramp for start and end in ms. please note, that the stopping of the sound-file will be delayed by this value of course.

the left menu chooses the play mode: "catch" only refers to the selection when the end-point is reached by the play position, "jump" keeps the play-position within the selection borders.

the right menu switches between "ones" (oneshot) and "loop" mode.

the selection section:

start and end boxes offer a special feature, allowing you to drag each digit separately.

you also can click the selection-bar. the toggle in the middle changes the mode: if it is on you can drag each border separately, if it is off you can drag like in "waveform", the shift key provides the alternate mode.

with the "alt" key you can drag the selection without changing the length, with the "ctrl" key you can jump to a new position without changing the length.

the display-section should be rather clear (pos:, rem:, total:)

"more-cues"- double-click into "more-cues" if you want! we have 16 more cues here. note that you have to define speed to 1 for normal playback, AND that the speed-box in the main-window will affect all these cues as well. set looping in the main-window as well.

pressing on a cues number or moving the slider at left will play that cue.

left-bottom-menu to save the cue-settings as presets.

the slider is a simple sequencer with ON/OFF, min/max-cue, direction.

if you control hardplay from another act you also can use sfplay-direct instead of "play" and "stop". note that "play" would be similar to "sfplay-direct 2", "sfplay-direct 1" also works, but it doesn't refer to the selection (the whole soundfile will be played).

"SEND"- this magic button sends the selection to the buffer_host (maximum length 120 sec)

act by filpino@klingt.org & noid@klingt.org