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With granular synthesis: instead of playing whole soundfiles you play only short fragments (grains). with gg.rainer 8 grain oscillators do this job. they are phase-shifted synchronized.

env (menu) - you can select the envelope for these grains from the "env"-menu (please note that the "noise"-mode strongly abuses the idea of a grain-synthesiser and can have really weird results).

grain/ pitch - you can select the length of these grains with parameter "grain" (in ms), and you can select the pitch of these grains with "pitch".

p rand / quant - you can also randomize the pitch with "p rand" (pitch randomize) and "quant". quant changes the way of randomization. if "p rand" is 0 it does not have any effect.

density - "density" is a random operator. it chooses either to play all grains (100) or drops grains randomly (the value is like the percentage of grains to play). "density" set to 0 means no grains are played (you won't hear anything). it interacts strongly with "pitch" and "grain".

auto vol - the green "auto vol" section is set right behind the 8 oscillators. in "manual" mode you can choose the volume of each oscillator with the multislider (they are panned from left to right). in "auto" mode the volumes are randomized. under the multislider is a numberbox that changes the rate of the randomization (in ms) and at the same time it sets the ramp for the multislider.


start/ lang - in the waveform display you can select the play-position "start" within the soundfile.

rand - with the random slider (below the waveform window) or the "rand" numberbox (in ms) you can select a range from which the grains are taken (the random range goes from the "start"-position to the right). this works best if the length is 0.

lang - sets the length of the waveform window.

pb speed - the play-position of the grains will scroll through the soundfile with the chosen speed (somehow matched with rand/-value). 1- means normal speed. if you set "pb speed" and "pitch" to 1 and random to a low value (0-5) you will get something that should sound quite similar to the original soundfile (also depending on the "grain" value). pb speed only takes effect when you set the length (lang) greater than 0.

below the "pb speed", the "grain" and the "pitch" sliders, there is a "ramp" slider that only takes effect on the sliders, not on the numberboxes. the "s"button stops the movement of the sliders in the current position. the "range" boxes select the range of the according sliders.

mode - besides the "normal" mode there is also a "prism" mode. in "prism" mode you can control the parameters by drawing in the window easel. the "pitch" translates vertically, the "start position" horizontally (length must be set in normal mode). you can set the minimum and maximum of the pitch left to the easel. position randomness, grain duration, pitch randomness, pitch quantize and output gain can be set to the right of the easel. you can record your drawing, which can then be play backed once or looped . clear resets the easel.

adapted from: msp Granular Synthesis v2.0

nobuyasu sakodna / Jan 1999

act by noise with strong help from klaus filip