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Another reverb plug-in based on the Schroeder/ Moorer reverb model freeverb (by Olaf Matthes) ported for lloopp.

The size slider simulates room size: larger values (slider right) results in a longer reverb tail.

The damp slider adds the amount of damping of the room's surfaces. 0 - (slider left) means nearly no damping, resulting in a lot of reflection (long reverb). 1 -(slider right) means high damping of signals (short reverb).

The width slider controls the stereo width of the reverb, i.e. how much the reverb part from left and right channel mix. Turning this to 1 (slider right) gives almost two separate mono reverbs.

Start and stop "freeze" mode (off by default). If on, reverb tail gets freezed (sample and hold). A very nice feature!

Bypass signal (on/off) is self explanatory. It can be used to compare reverb signal with original signal and to save CPU power when freeverb@ is not used.

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