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2D-controller record-& loopable.

A similar parameter controller to gg rainers "prism-mode".

At the bottom of the act, select the act and parameter you would like frack to control. Select the range in the first and second number-boxes. The third number-box shows your drawing position on an X/Y axis.

At the top of the act you can set how you want frack to play/record.

"R"- learn key for record on/off mode.

The three toggles are (l to r) "record on/off", "play on/off", "loop on/off".

The top menu is the mode to be used.

the second menu is auto-mode:

"manual"- normal behavior

"capture"- begin to record on mouse down, record stops on mouse up.

"capture & play"- begin to record on mouse down, on mouse up record stops and begin to loop (default)