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a vocoder/ filter.

this patch of course is stolen from the msp-example by Z. Settel and C. Lippe. the shift-function goes back to an idea of axel dorner. thanks to all. we added an optional vocoder-mode.

basically you can draw in the multislider-field, to set 256 filters.

peak- sets peak-indicators

reset- resets peak-indicators

fade- (for filter-mode only) fades the the filters based on the number box next to it.

on the right of the act you have a large volume slider that provides a large boost range.

by pressing in one of the numbers underneath the volume slider, or dialing a number in the number box beneath those, will shift the filterbank right or left. use the bang-button left of the number box to retrieve the same value again.

by default, forbiddenP uses the input-signal, which comes from another act, where forbiddenP is selected as plug-in. but you can use the (orange) slider to move the "noise" of the input as well. the number box sets the maximum noise level. if the slider is at the left, there is zero noise, if at right, maximum noise.

when a second signal is assigned to ext_1 (from another act) forbiddenP also works as a vocoder. use the left green switch to choose your mode (filter/vocoder). "flip" flips the vocoder-inputs (note that this feature also works in filter-mode).