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Currently provides 8 envelopes to any (number-) parameter of other lloopp acts. The 8 envelopes can be triggered together or individually.

envMM needs audio ON to work!

T is the trigger. It will trigger the envelopes selected by the dip-switch next to it. Clicking on a number (or the orange number box next to "LOOP") will select the according envelope for editing and setting it's parameters.

You have to different views of envMM.

Pile: default, will pile up all 8 on the same position.

Tile: will enroll it to view all 8. You can adjust the size of these tiles with the number box.

Defining the parameters for a single envelope:

In the green boxes you can define act & parameter to control. The additional green number is the number of the list-item, if the destination-parameter is a list-parameter.

Minimum and maximum should be clear. Log is an optional non-linear bending of the envelope. 0 = linear.

The length of the envelop(s) is defined in milliseconds with a slider-number-combi-box.

If the switch next to the length slider shows "com", the length is always common to all envelopes. If it shows "ind", the length is individual and the slider only affects the selected envelope.

LOOP- loop the envelope(s)

PAUSE- pause/resume running envelopes.

Use a metro to trigger the envelope(s)>> min/max in ms:

If the two numbers show the same time it is a regular metro (1000/1000 will trigger every second). If the numbers are different, the metro will randomly trigger every (min/max) time.

Edit the envelopes with the mouse. Shift-click will delete a point. Command-click defines sustain-points.

act by filpino@klingt.org