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Routes incoming data to lloopp, such as osc or midi or usb-devices.

Select your devices in the top left menu:

midi (default):

Select your midi-device in the port-menu. There is an additional menu right to the port-menu that lets you choose whether you want midi-note-events appearing in control@:

notes_single creates a line for every key, and velocity is the value similar to controler-values.

notes_range creates 2 lines for each channel one for note-numbers and one for velocity.

Osc: select the port-number on which your osc-device is sending data.

Usb: is prepared to handle any usb devices such as joysticks, game controllers, etc. Usb-devices may have cery strange outputs, its a matter of testing if it can be used with control@.

Phidget: works on osx-only at the moment and needs the "phidgets.mpkg" installed (

Lloopp: selecting lloopp here makes control@ to a message (re)router. For example open a modul.ator and address control@ from there. In the parameter_menu you will find sub::in::val1 etc. Sendin there will show up in the routing-window (see below), ready to rescale and clone if you want to send to several parameters.

Another option is to select an act as "port": all parameters you move in that act will then appear in the routing-window, ready to get linked somehow with another parameter of any act.

Note: when you define clones in the routing-window, you must save a preset in control@ to get these clones loaded correctly from an environment!

If this matches and your device is sending data, you should immediately see the green dot lighting.

Use the throttle mainly for fast osc-data coming in, making the patch better responding. A throttle of 5 eg means that the input is only scanned every 5ms.

Click "ROUTING" to open the window where you can edit how incoming data is routed to lloopp-parameters. Note, that this window is empty if you are not receiving any data.

"B"- Back sends controller-data back to a motor-fader.

Routing Window: