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a sequencer. execute an event at a given time.

start the clock with "GO".

any stored (lloopp-) events will be sent at the given time.

edit this by opening the edit-window:

in this window you can edit/select the time with the counter. define the event by selecting the act and parameter and parameter number. any event consists of a tripple, you can merge events at a time with "add". get an overview by pressing "open", you can also edit the text there. note that changes done in the text-window will only be active after closing the text-window and pressing "dump". "remove" removes all events located at the set time.


00:12:23:00, *flop1 start 300. *flop2 start 300.; would set *flop1's and *flop2's startpoint to 300. when clocker reaches 12 minutes and 23 seconds.

if you press ">" the currant visual time will be stored as optional offset (you may edit the time by dragging the digits...). turn offset on, to make clocked start at this time (negative offsets works as a count-down).

the white menu next to offset is to choose different display-modes (use tetris for having bigger times):