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A synthesizer based on the idea of non-trivial machines.

There are two oscillators, one that your hear and another one that is permanently writing into the buffer that is played by the one that your hear. Both are modulating each other in frequency and phase.

All parameters heavily influence each other, and not every sound that occurs will be reproduceable by recalling a preset. it also depends on where you come from and what is currently in the buffer.

It tends to produce more noisy sounds the more the sliders are turned black.

It tends to produce more tonal sounds when you turn the damping sliders to the right.

If the sound if dying, make the sliders more black, especially rec_mix and rec_vol are helpful.

If the sound if just noise make the sliders less black.

Also, the filter section is in the feedback-loop so, it doesn't only filter the sound that is produced, it's also changing the sounds that are produced.

You can also draw into the waveform!

Have fun!

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