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this act provides sound analysis-tools: loudness, brightness and noisiness (by Tristan Jehan)

at the top we find the smoother section:

envelope toggle, size of envelope, and the filter slider (flat-clumsy)

these parameters smoothen incoming data: the envelope seems to envelope data when it's off, size seems to slow down responce, and filter definetely flattens the curve.

under the smoother section you have the analyzer. this is divided up by loudness/ brightness/ and noisiness.

~in the top box you can choose whether to smoothen or leave it as is.

~beneath that you have the display of normalized in-data.

~choose the range of in-data with the slider or number boxes under the display.

~the next row of numberboxes is for choosing the range of out-data.

~ next you can manipulate the curve with log-factor, get destination value (like in modulator), on/off.

~if "on" you will see the normalized out-data in the bottom display.

~select what acts and parameters you want to control at the bottom.

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