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patches, files or updates, which are not yet inside the current ppooll package. current version is ppooll_vers7.3

clocker@.maxpat ‎
added a Restart button.
replace(!) in ../ppooll/ppooll.acts/

clocker@.maxhelp ‎
updated Info for clocker@.
replace(!) in ../ppooll/ppooll-help/act_infos/

random@.maxpat ‎
added ability to randomize symbol-menues.
replace(!) in ../ppooll/ppooll.acts/

ll.multiswitch.maxpat ‎
fixes non-responsive switch in random@.
replace(!) in ../ppooll/abstractions/ (!)

spectral sins.maxpat ‎
fixed transparency of the freq-sliders.
replace(!) in ../ppooll/ppooll.acts/

fmrm.maxpat ‎
fixed missing audio input for fmrm.
replace(!) in ../ppooll/ppooll.acts/

free paf~.maxpat ‎
a free (and windows-ready) version of the paf act.(Phase Aligned Formant Synthesizer)
put into ../ppooll/ppooll.acts/