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max externals written in C:

ll_number for OSX & windows (upload: dec 20th, 2015)

(updated ll_number for max7 AND max6, max5)

ll number max7.png

Ll number.png

ll_number is a combination of number and slider with
formatting options,
individual digit drag,
logarithmic slider
key-support and
multislider option

Ll number multi.png

ll_fastforward for OSX & windows

ll_fastforward for max7 and max6, max5.
ll_fastforward is like forward, but takes the incoming list header as address. optionally concats this header with a given name.

ll_2dslider currently for OSX only

ll_2dslider is a GUI that represents up to 128 sliders on a canvas.
with many options provided.
2dslider pict.png



ll.sct.div is an abstraction that can divide an octave into any amount of steps. output is frequency.


ll.og is a logarithmic (or not) scaler (including inverse object and list-version)