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max8 only, runs on macos and windows.
64bit only.

ppooll vers 8.1
this is ppooll 8.1 it works with the latest release of max8 it will not work in max7
scroll down for recent versions if you must stay on max7

also note, that this is a comletely new multichannel version of ppooll.
we needed to change the signal routing architecture.
all your environments will be broken at the blue outout section. sorry for that.

ATTENTION! from now on ppooll will be distributed as a package, so:
move all older ppooll stuff out of the Max 8 -folder except of "your" ppooll-presets.
then unpack the file above into Max 8/Packages/
then restart max
open the Max Package Manager from the File-Menu (Show Package Manager)
and install the following packages there online:

and for some special acts, you would also need the packages:

then open ppooll_host from the Extras-Menu of Max.

max externals C-coded max externals that are part of ppooll

uvc-ctrl-GUI standalone application or max patch as GUI for sluggo's osx camera driver access tool.

recent versions of ppooll (max7, max6, max5)


this is where you can find older releases. even versions for max 4.3 or OS9 if you dig down.