Modular Architecture

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Modular Architecture


One of the most powerful features of ppooll is its networking structure. Every parameter can be controlled from any module and audio-routing similarly goes in any direction. Some 100 different modules (so-called "Acts"), can interact.

Every user can create his/her personal setup consisting of any combination of available modules and saves this as a so-called "Environment"

Los Glissandinos.jpg

Screenshot for Los Glissandinos By Klaus Filip:

This environment is an additive-synth example. The circle-shaped central patch (vbap@) is used to route modulating signals to the sinewaves.


Screenshot "homemade" By visualartproyektil: This setup was used to project pixel animations on 4 screens. The pictures were sensor-controlled by the dancers. (Interactive dance/video/audio performance imagetanz Vienna 2006).

Screenshot of "selbstschenkerin" By noid:

Der Ohrenzeuge.jpg

Interactive audio installation working with randomly delayed microphone inputs. ("Der Ohrenzeuge" Nickelsdorf 2005) Photo From The Installation...


3 Different Layouts Of The Same Module - Besides that every module has an own customizable preset-handling as well as the possibility to create individual layouts.