ppooll is a digital signal processing (DSP) environment for Max/MSP.

it's a versatile, fully customizable toolkit that facilitates audio manipulation, granular synthesis, live performance and improvisation, modular networking, ambisonics and much more.

ppooll is in a continuous state of development, and we welcome contributions and suggestions from all users.

learn more about how to install ppooll, take a look at some video tutorials, or even join our discord.
project created by klaus filip

authored by c. hausch, noid and klaus

with development from several contributors:

klaus, hausch, noid, steech, knfld, elin, paulo raposo, leo dupliex, gus74v, oliver stotz, boris hauf, giles aubry, david michael, bill d., luc gross, antonio della marina, taku unami, bill orcutt & more

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